We’re looking for talented, forward-thinking artists to join our growing team.





Assistant Studio Manager 

    The studio manager is a big role at Anais Anette that involves different tasks and multi-tasking. We need someone who is comfortable switching gears quickly, is well organized and gives great attention to detail, has faultless grammar, and can communicate clearly with the other team members. Because this role also involves social media, we need someone who understands our creative vision and can translate it easily via Instagram. 

Duties and responsibilities will include :

  • Organizing and managing the studio and office

  • Copywriting + creating content for Instagram

  • Developing communication and marketing strategies (Instagram + blast emails)

  • Shipping gowns and filling out necessary paperwork (NAFTA and Commercial invoices)

  • Working in coordination with the production manager (filling orders for materials)

  • Keeping track of office supplies and filling orders as necessary​

Production Manager

    This is a pretty big role, and we’re looking for an individual who can step up to the challenge of running our day-to-day production. We need someone that is confident in their decision-making skills, has great leadership and management experience, and can communicate clearly and effectively to others. This position requires a strong knowledge of and experience with evening-wear and garment production. 


Duties and responsibilities will include :

  • Overseeing and managing a team of garment technicians and cutters 

  • Organizing and coordinating a production schedule 

  • Overseeing quality control throughout the production process

  • Troubleshooting flaws in production

  • Keeping track of inventory and filling orders accordingly

  • Tracking and confirming purchase orders

  • Advising stockists on gown sizing and available customization options 

  • Packing (final control check) and coordinating outgoing shipments with the studio manager

  • Training new garment technicians



    This is an integral role within our studio, and we need someone who has experience in this role, is technically skilled, employs a high degree of accuracy and precision in all their work, and can communicate clearly + collaborate with other team members. 


Duties and responsibilities will include :

  • Working with and prepping raw materials to be sent to garment technicians for sewing 

  • Cutting fabrics based on patterns

  • A thorough understanding of patterns and pattern making

  • Checking fabrics for flaws and reporting them to the production manager

  • Bulk cutting


We are looking for cutters with a minimum of 2+ years of experience, however we are willing to take-on recent graduates as well.



Garment Technician / Seamstress

We value the high quality and craftsmanship of our gowns, and we are looking for garment technicians that, through their skilled work, will continue the reputation of Anais Anette. 


Specifically, we are looking for people that have the following foundational skills : 


  • The ability to sew consistent seams with a high degree and standard of precision

  • Experience working with delicate fabrics (silks and laces)

  • Ability to sew invisible zippers, baby hems, French seams, etc. flawlessly.


We are looking for technicians with a minimum of 5+ years of experience, however we are willing to take-on recent graduates as well.


We're looking for individuals that are interested in our brand and the creative direction we’re taking. Since we’re a growing company, we’re looking for people who are ready to grow with us, who are flexible and feel comfortable taking on different roles to help out other members of the team. 


Please send your cover letter and C.V. to info@anaisanette.com with the position you are applying for as the subject line.